Prison Consulting

Prison Consulting

Anyone sentenced to federal prison prepares for such a journey with considerable apprehension and a significant fear of the unknown.  I know about this well, for I have been there.  I served six months in a Louisiana federal prison, and I wish I had, at the time, someone with experience and common sense to relay to me.  It would have made my stay so much easier.

Anyone who is about to enter prison has many questions.  What can I expect?  What can I bring in with me?  What are the “understood” rules among inmates to keep out of trouble?  How can I make it easier on my family?  Are there ways to get an early parole or release?

Simply put, here is what I do.  I set down with my clients and go over every aspect of what to expect when entering a federal prison, how to get though such an ordeal and keep a good mental attitude, and now to make the best of a lousy situation.  I spend whatever time is necessary with both the client and family members to do the following:

Do pre-prison preparation, that includes the evaluation of possible prison locations and designations.

Plan for the best way to handle a new life in confinement.  The dos and the don’ts of daily prison life.

Spend time with their family to assist them in making the adjustment to their new life while you are incarcerated.

Discuss options of just what can be done to gain an early release.

If there are drug or alcohol issues, special program may be available that can be applied for that can help to gain both help and early release.  This is called the RDAP program where qualified inmates take a 500-hour program that, once completed, can greatly reduce the inmate’s time serve, and can get the inmate to a halfway house in a much shorter time.

The subjects listed above are just some of the areas of help I can give.  I will be please to receive a call from you or your attorney so that we can meet and discuss the best approach to take in minimizing problems during your prison stay.