Jim Brown is a prolific writer who has written and published a number of books and essays.  During the time he was incarcerated at Oakdale Federal prison, he wrote a column about prison life once a week during his six-month stay.  To read these “Notes from the Inside,” Click Here.

Jim is preparing a new book about what to expect in going to prison.  It will be a comprehensive listing of “dos and don’ts” for those who are about to face the prison experience. This new prison guide will be published in the coming weeks, and will be made available through this site.


Jim’s first book, called JUSTICE DENIED, is now available to order on this site. A full description follows.
JUSTICE DENIED is in its third printing, and has become a Louisiana classic. Jim Brown paints an unflinching portrait of his six-year ordeal fighting criminal charges brought against him by the Justice Department.

This book is “my account of the struggle I faced in opposing the federal government’s effort to unjustly convict me of false criminal charges.” So begins this powerful book in which Jim Brown documents bow the Justice Department fabricated charges against him.

This extraordinary memoir is his personal account of his fight against the Justice Department in an effort to clear his name.

With passion, conviction and dead-aim honesty, Brown exposes the hypocrisies of those who are supposed to protect. With astonishing candor, we read of Brown being forced to go through one of the most secret trials in American history.

With unrivaled flair for anecdote and a deep understanding of Louisiana politics, Brown describes a fascinating cast of characters that were elected to lead Louisiana during the last thirty years. Written with eloquence, this book will become a classic of how one individual was unjustly prosecuted and persecuted by the federal judicial system. JUSTICE DENIED is now available in all bookstores.

If you have an interest in the justice system, US and Louisiana politics, and how the government can unjustly turn on an individual citizen, then JUSTICE DENIED is a must read.  Order it direct by Clicking Here.